dinner at Ezo Seafoods

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A delight.  From the moment I saw the outside of the building I enjoyed the experience.  Walked in the door, loved it more.  Genuine warmth and welcome from hosts, James and his partner.  Can I go back for 4 nights to delve further into the menu?  Scallops, do they really come that big?  I need to return to have the fish that Bruce demolished.  Aranca quietly and surgically extracted every morsel from the snow crab.  Thea, Royce and I went for the Paella with the carbs.  This was after the calamari, wedges (sounds too ordinary, but no), oysters …  I never don’t finish my plate, but I was done, until Royce introduced us to the Japanese “cream-between” ice-cream on the way home.  80k tomorrow is now needed.

Ezo Seafoods – a must.


One thought on “dinner at Ezo Seafoods”

  1. When you get to confront St Peter @ the gates, he’s gonna say ” uh uh, sorry Tim – you’ve already had your turn “

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